Looking Back

This section includes some unpublished conference papers and presentations. That’s why you’ll see Bill's handwritten notes in some places.

From Community Protest to Community Partnership: The New Social Responsibility and What Business Can and Should Do About It (Especially in a Presidental Election Year) Also
William C. Frederick, 1984

The Business School in a Geo-political Context
William C. Frederick (Circa late 1980s)
These thoughts about the business school’s role were written sometime in the late 1980s as the pace of capitalist globalization became more rapid and the accompanying problems more evident. Though never published prior to this July 2009 posting on Bill's website, the earlier insights are lamentably still relevant for today’s business schools.

From Bhopal to Bosesky: New Research Perspectives on Corporate Ethics and Managerial Values
William C. Frederick, 1987

Ethics, Religion, and Philosophy at the Harvard Business School: a Personal Memoir of Two Visits
William C. Frederick, 1988

The Generic Values of Business: Their Structure and Function in Corporate Culture
William C. Frederick, 1992

Economy and Ecology—More Alike Than Different? Reconciling Bio-Physico-Socio-Economic Forces
William C. Frederick, 1995

What Matters Most in Management Scholarship: Nature
William C. Frederick, 1998

Getting A Handle on Nature: A Reading List
William C. Frederick, 1998