The Business School in a Geo-political Context
William C. Frederick (Circa late 1980s)
These thoughts about the business school’s role were written sometime in the late 1980s as the pace of capitalist globalization became more rapid and the accompanying problems more evident. Though never published prior to this July 2009 posting on my website, the earlier insights are lamentably still relevant for today’s business schools.

"Public Policy Advertising and the 1980 Presidential Election"

"Reagan versus Carter and Mondale: Toward a Theory of Corporate Public Policy Advertising"

"De-Freuding Your Dreams"

“Europe’s Take on Business Ethics” A Content Analysis of Business Ethics: A European Review

“Viewing Business Ethics: From Olympian Heights or Factory Floor?” Comparing U.S. and European Business Ethics Journals

“How to Get Published (and Tenured): A Model”